Meet the family – Engines should be built near the ships they are bound for

After a long history of manufacturing activities in Copenhagen, MAN Energy Solutions stopped building two-stroke engines on a large scale back in the '80s and concentrated its efforts on research and development. We devote our efforts to increasing our huge knowledge base and further developing the two-stroke engine principle. We cultivate a global network of licensees that build our MAN B&W-branded engines.

Previously, European manufacturers were well represented in our licensee family. In recent decades, the emergence of tiger economies has changed the map such that Asia is dominating the representation today. Mitsui of Japan has held a licence to build B&W engines since 1926 and is, thus, the oldest of our two-stroke licensees. However, Korea's and China's emergence as a global manufacturing power has meant that most of our now most active licensees are based there.

Liceence logos


Symbols used:
T: MAN B&W two-stroke license
F: MAN Diesel & Turbo four-stroke license
TC: MAN Diesel & Turbo turbocharger license




South Korea