In tune with the market acceptance of electronically controlled engines turning into a market demand, MAN Energy Solutions introduced the ME-B engine series.

The ME-B engine is MAN Energy Solutions’ most modern, two-stroke design whose ‘.2’ suffix indicates a new, fuel-optimised version that complies with IMO Tier-II emissions legislation. Generally, ME-B engines are reliable units with very low life-cycle costs that feature electronic fuel-injection control, longer TBOs and offer better vessel manoeuvrability.

The ME-B design is based on MAN Energy Solutions’ mechanical MC-C range – the market’s most popular two-stroke diesel engines ever – but represents an upgrade with electronic controls that provide improved operational economy and flexibility, and manoeuvrability.

MAN Energy Solutions introduced the ME-B series in mid-2006 with the S35ME-B9, S40ME-B9 and S50MEB9, and later followed by the S46ME-B8, S50ME-B8 and S60ME-B8 engines. Subsequently, the series has been expanded with the launch of the new MAN B&W S30ME-B9 and the ultra-long-stroke G40ME-B9, G45ME-B9 and G50ME-B9 engines, with the result that the entire ME-B programme now comprises a total output range from 3,200 kW to 19,040 kW.

Based on well-proven diesel technology, the ME-B series provides engines geared to market requirements for:

  • Electronic fuel injection control
  • Fuel economy
  • High power reliability
  • Longer time between overhauls
  • Low propeller speed
  • Better vessel manoeuvrability
  • Very low life-cycle costs
  • Tier II emissions compliance.

ME-B engines can also be retrofitted to dual-fuel operation so they can run on natural gas. These engines have the same fuel consumption as similar diesel engines, and the same tuning methods can be applied.