Diesel-electric Propulsion

Electric propulsion is not a recent innovation however it has become the “standard” propulsion solution in many applications, especially when it comes to specialized vessels. High redundancy and reliability of the propulsion plant, improved maneuverability of the ship and lower fuel oil consumption due to an optimized loading of the engines are key. Diesel-electric systems by MAN Energy Solutions are designed to meet customers’ highest requirements. The packages include everything from gensets to propulsors, including switchboards, converters and E-motors.

EPROX:  Energy-saving electric propulsion


EPROX is an innovative approach of a fuel saving electric propulsion system. It combines lowest possible fuel oil consumption with highest performance and flexibility of electric propulsion. Recent developments in DC-technology and distributions and energy management enable the Diesel engines to operate at variable speed, meaning that the speed of the engine can be adjusted for the minimum fuel oil consumption according to the current system load. Another advantage is the integration of energy storage sources, like batteries. They reduce transient loads on the diesel engines and give a much better dynamic system response.

Hybrid Propulsion

In times when the need for more intelligent fuel use is great, a flexible propulsion system faces the challenge of meeting environmental standards without sacrificing propulsion efficiency and ship performance. Hybrid propulsion plants, where mechanic and electric power work together in the propulsion train provide an optimal solution for vessels with a flexible power demand. Electric propulsion at slow sailing speeds, mechanic propulsion for the medium sailing range and combined mechanic and electric propulsion for boosting operation are typical for hybrid plants. MAN Energy Solutions provides you with all kinds of CoDLaD / CoDLoD system packages, including PTO/PTI/PTH-features and electric cross connections (Electric shaft).


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