CP Propeller Mk.3 and Mk.5

MAN Energy Solutions is proud to present a high-efficient VBS propeller generation, which has been developed on the basis of the industry's state-of-the-art design tools combined with the vast experience accumulated from more than 7,000 propellers. A long tradition and a proud propeller heritage date back to the first Alpha CPP design, which was produced in 1902 and patented in 1903.

Flexibility for efficiently covering any propulsion power requirement and CP Propeller application is the overall product target for MANEnergy Solutions. Propeller and propulsion efficiency also carries the "green aspect", as every gram of fuel saved by means of higher propulsive efficiency results in a reduced impact on the environment.

A wide range of different ship types are propelled and served by MAN Alpha CP Propellers - customised to match their individual operational requirements, power modes and optimising points.

The new VBS Mk 5 propeller generation consists of a complete range - a total of 20 new hub sizes, which are handling outputs from 1,000 and up to 40,000 kW.

Please fill in the Propeller Layout Data sheet and send it via E-mail to our sales department. We are then able to provide you with appropriate project material and to carry out proposals promptly and accurately. (Before you fill in the form, remember to save it on your computer.)

Propeller Layout Data sheet

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