Water lubricated propeller systemsWater lubricated propeller systems

We can provide the following solutions within Water Lubricated Systems 

  • Propeller shafts with bronze liners and epoxy coating between liners.
  • Clad welded propeller shafts.
  • Propeller shafts in stainless steel.
  • Water lubricated none metallic bearings.
  • Open or closed stern tube systems.
  • Water lubricated stern tube seals.
  • Separate hub lubrication.
  • Proven technology / suppliers.
  • Water treatment systems  can be delivered on request. (Option)
  • Water lubricated stern tubes are available for our complete product range.

Biodegradable oil for MAN Diesel & Turbo propeller equipment

New oil specifications are recently released for both lubricating and servo oil for our propeller equipment

Today it is possible to choose biodegradable oil for both systems. For the lubricating oil system i.e. propeller hub and stern tube, a triglyceride HETG (vegetable/native oil) based emulsifying oil in viscosity grade VG68 and VG100 from Vickers Oils have been chosen.

HETG oils are currently considered as the best alternative to be chosen as base fluid for stern tube applications. Besides good seal and paint compatibility, it is miscible with mineral oil and maybe most important biodegradability is very high and toxicity extremely low.

For the servo oil system (VBS-ODS/ODF) a synthetic ester based oil HEES in viscosity grade VG100 also from Vickers Oils have been chosen.

Both oil types have extremely god lubricating qualities as well as a naturally high viscosity index (VI).

HEES oils are considered as ideal for lubrication of gears and as pressure fluids in hydraulic systems. Besides being miscible with mineral oil, the biodegradability is good and toxicity low.

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