Maximum efficiency and low noise

MAN Energy Solutions' advanced propeller blade design and calculation methods exploit the latest hydrodynamic theories and tank test results to create a propeller design that ensures maximum efficiency while maintaining low noise and low vibration characteristics. The controllable pitch propellers by MAN Energy Solutions are available with diameters up to approximately 8500 mm and rated for engine outputs of up to 40,000 kW.

MAN Energy Solutions Fixed Pitch Propellers with Kappel design are available in diameters from approximately 3 meters and upwards with engine rate outputs from 4 mW and up. To control these powerful propellers we supply a new state-of-the-art propulsion control system - our brand new Alphatronic 3000. We tailor complete propulsion packages to meet specific requirements by using these propellers in association with MAN Energy Solutions two-stroke or four-stroke diesel engines and, where applications demand, reduction gearboxes.

Product Range

  • CCP-Propeller

    MAN Alpha Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP)

    An upgraded MAN Alpha Controllable Pitch Propeller can provide you with increased propeller efficiency and reduced emission levels. Furthermore, it assists with lowering cavitation and vibrations and improves manoeuvrability.



  • FPP

    MAN Alpha Fixed Pitch Propellers (FPP)

    With a FPP upgrade you get up to 10 % fuel savings, increased efficiency, reduced emission levels, reduced risk of cavitation and a short payback time. Our FPP propeller upgrade even meets slow steaming requirements.



  • Navy & Government

    MAN Alpha High-performance Naval Propellers

    MAN Energy Solutions is proud to present a naval propeller programme, which has been developed on the basis of the industry's state-of-the-art design and optimisation tools combined with the vast experience accumulated from more than 7,000 propellers.


  • Alpah-control-system

    MAN Alpha Propulsion Control System

    MAN in Control: MAN Diesel & Turbo is proud to present a new generation of propulsion control systems – the Alphatronic 3000 series, which is well prepared for the future and offers new operational features, functions and benefits.




  • VBS

    Propeller Shaft Line Solutions

    Finding the right VBS combination for a vessel can be tricky – there are many variables to choose from, and the right setup is vital in ensuring economical operation of the vessel.



  • WHR-300

    Green Optimisation Potentials

    Water Lubricated Propeller Systems


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