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MAN Energy Solutions has been delivering propulsion solutions since 1902. Today, our range of propulsion products lies under the MAN Alpha brand. Our experience comes from the installation and operation of more than 7,000 propeller plants. MAN Alpha propeller and aft ship products offer the best in customized environmentally friendly propulsion solutions. We combine our experience and know-how with the most modern design tools (CFD, FEM, Topology Optimization and other design tools). Our state-of-the-art product portfolio consists of:

  • 3 , 4 and 5-bladed VBS controllable pitch propeller program serving the power range from 1 to 40 MW
  • Fixed pitch propellers for 4 MW engines and upwards with the option to use the special Kappel tip loaded design offering 3-6% better efficiency compared to conventional propeller blade designs
  • Alphatronic propulsion control system
  • Various efficiency improving devices and green solutions, e.g. AHT high lift nozzles, customized rudder bulbs, use of biodegradable oils

MAN Alpha Propulsion and AftShip Solutions

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    Product Range

    MAN Energy Solutions offers a wide range of propellers specially customised for your specific vessel. MAN Alpha Controllable Pitch Propellers, Fixed Pitch Propellers, High-performance Naval Propellers, Propulsion Control Systems, Propeller Shaft Line Solutions and Green Optimisation Potentials are just some of the solutions, which we tailor for your requirements.


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    Propeller Service

    MAN PrimeServ offers world-class service solutions for your vessels' propulsion package and aft ship system, which ensure high efficiency, reliability and low maintenance cost.


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    MAN Diesel & Turbo has a long tradition and a grand heritage with propellers dating back to the first Alpha design, which was produced in 1902 and patented in 1903. The vast experience accumulated from more than 7,000 propellers also means that many of our valued customers have an opinion about us. Here is what some of our customers are saying.


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    Get the latest information regarding MAN Diesel & Turbo's Propeller & AftShip division.


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    MAN Diesel & Turbo has made a list of various downloads available for you regarding Propeller & Aft Ship. Here you are able to find brochures, leaflets and other material regarding our products and services.


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