Four-stroke engine scoops Marine Propulsion’s ‘Efficiency Improvement Award’

The Marine Propulsion awards for 2018 were held at the Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference in Amsterdam on April 17th. More than 1,600 people voted on entries from companies located across Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.   

MAN Diesel & Turbo Vice President, Lex Nijsen, Head of Four-Stroke Marine, commented:

"MAN Diesel & Turbo is proud to receive the Marine Propulsion’s Efficiency Improvement Award for our MAN 45/60 engine. We launched the engine to market last September and see this the engine as a game changer for ship efficiency with its ambitious and technologically advanced design. We firmly believe that the 45/60’s high power-density and excellent efficiency has set a new standard in the industry.”

Recognising innovations made during 2017 across a range of marine engineering sectors, the annual Marine Propulsion awards honour winners in categories including Efficiency Improvement, Emissions Reduction, Innovation, Marine Intelligence and Ship of the Year.

The Efficiency Improvement Award recognises an innovative and original initiative that has resulted in a step-change in ship efficiency and was awarded to MAN Diesel & Turbo for its 45/60CR four-stroke engine, launched in September 2017. In awarding the prestigious prize to MAN Diesel & Turbo, Marine Propulsion cited the engine’s efficiency improvement of 7% over its predecessor, the MAN 48/60,  and its best-in-class performance featuring a fuel efficiency of more than 50%, its lowest specific-fuel-oil consumption (SFOC) of 166 g/kWh and highest power output of 1,300 kW per cylinder.

Lex Nijsen received the prestigious award in Amsterdam

Vice president Lex Nijsen, Head of Four-Stroke Marine received the prestigious award in Amsterdam