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MAN Energy Solutions has produced a short film highlighting one of the most famous engines on display at DieselHouse, MAN Energy Solutions’ technical museum.

Entitled “The Start of a Diesel Dynasty – B&W No. 1”, the film is a tribute to the B&W No. 1 engine from 1904, the first Diesel engine built in Denmark by Burmeister & Wain.


B&W No. 1 worked reliably for 40 or so years at a number of different companies before being bought back by the company in 1943 for display. Its one-cylinder, Type DM140 engine boasted a cylinder diameter of 320 mm, a stroke length of 490 mm, and it produced 40 horsepower at 180 rpm. The engine weighs approximately 15-16 tons, with the flywheel alone weighing 8.5 tons.


In connection with the establishment of DieselHouse, No. 1 was renovated by a team of experienced MAN Energy Solutions staff and apprentices, along with some retired, former employees, after many years of inactivity. The engine was restored to full working order over the winter of 2005 – 2006 and is started every Thursday at 1400 hours at the museum.