MAN Cryo Vaporizer & Pressure Build-up units ensure robust and reliable operation. They are designed as coil-wounded counter-flow heat exchangers.

MAN Cryo Vaporizer Units ensure both phase transition from liquid to gaseous state, as well as superheating the gas to the desired temperature of the consumers.

MAN Cryo Pressure Build-up Units ensure a constant pressure level in the LNG tank. The unit vaporizes liquid and discharges it to the tank gas phase. The volume expansion increases the pressure in storage tank.

The Vaporizer coils and Pressure Build-up coils can be in separate water shells or integrated in one water shell.

The heating media is normally a mixture of freshwater and glycol.

Benefits & Features

  • Proven design since the 1970s and 
  • In marine use since 1999
  • In house engineering & production
  • Fully welded design ensures no maintenance and leakage reduction
  • Vaporization and superheating in one unit
  • Possibility to integrate pressure build-up coil & vaporizer coil in one unit 
  • Robust and flexible design to handle material stress 
  • Buffered energy in water volume ensures reliable operation during flow changes
  • And no temperature deviations on gas supply