MAN Cryo vacuum perlite insulated IMO type C independent tanks are designed to store and feed gas to consumers, in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Tank location could be either on deck or inside the hull of almost any type of ship.

The standard tanks are designed specially to fit with MAN Cryo TCS (Tank Connection Space) welded at tank end.

In standard design, the tanks are intended to work as cold converters without rotating equipment for gas feed and pressure control. The piping system may be modified for other tank applications if requested.

Standard Configuration

  • MARVS 9 barg
  • Cold converter function
  • Nozzles at tank end to fit TCS
  • Piping system for bunkering, gas feed, pressure build up, safety valves, max loading limit and instrumentation
  • Inner and outer vessel of austenitic stainless steel
  • Vacuum perlite insulation



  • TCS mounted at tank end
  • Alternative materials, e.g. acid proof stainless steel for external parts
  • Additional surface treatment programs
  • Customized: horizontal or vertical, volume, diameter, pressure, TCS location, piping system, instrumentation, special saddles fitted to hull structure, etc.