MAN Cryo Tank Connection Space (TCS) is the heart of the Fuel Gas Supply System and contains all necessary function for supply of gas to engines from the LNG tank.

The TCS is designed as one complete unit handling all functions associated with tank control and vaporization. It receives LNG from Bunkering Station, routes LNG to vaporizers, PBUs or pumps and discharges gas at correct temperature and pressure to consumers. It has a stainless steel gas-tight enclosure to handle cryogenic spillage without hazard to other parts of the ship. It is prepared for ventilation according to class regulations. The TCS can be either attached to the LNG tank or be supplied as a separate free standing unit.

The TCS also includes systems for nitrogen, instrument air and vent headers.

Standard Configuration

  • Bunkering function
  • Instruments for the redundant overfilling protection, level and pressure measurements
  • Vaporization and overheating of LNG
  • Pressure build-up systems to ensure stable LNG storage tank pressure
  • One gas supply line with master gas valve
  • Boil-off gas handling system
  • Ventilation connections inlet/outlet
  • Leakage detection
  • Rigid steel structure to support equipment and create a gas-tight enclosure


Optional Equipement

  • Gas return line
  • Crossover between tanks on liquid side (bunkering)
  • Crossover between tanks on gas side (gas return & gas supply)
  • Pump installation
  • Air lock
  • 4 optional positions for entry to air lock/system
  • 1-3 additional gas feed lines with master gas valve for several consumers