MAN Cryo supply of Fuel Gas Control System are designed to handle all functionality needed for high availability and safe operation of gas supply to engine. It also controls the sub-systems such as bunkering station and heat exchanger unit.

The standalone Fuel Gas Control System will be supplied in one cabinet that include all necessary equipment and software. It will be delivered pre-configured, tested and approved by the classification society.

Standard Configuration 

  • Control of Pumps and/ or Compressors
  • Start and stop functions in sequences
  • EX barriers for equipment’s in EX Zone
  • Internal power distribution
  • HMI with clear and understandable graphics
  • Easy to upgrade system and add functions


  • Gas Detection System for Fuel Gas Supply System can be supplied
  • Touch screen for bunker station
  • HMI can be customized according to customer requirements
  • MAN Cryo may also supply FGCS integrated with vessels master control system