Power and Propulsion

The PA6 B diesel engine is the prime mover which facilitates a compact, lightweight, and durable Offshore Genset. Simple and robust, MAN's PA6 B keeps operational costs and weight at a remarkably low level. It's designed to meet 25° angle of inclination in all directions.

The compact design, high power-to-weight ratio and low operating costs make the PA6 B the ideal choice for offshore applications where reliability, space and weight considerations are of paramount importance. Installed accessories reduce installation time to the shipyard and optimize the commissioning procedure.
The PA6 B is built for long term low load operation and quick load response, allowing safe and efficient station keeping in DP mode.

The PA6 B with an integrated cooling system for fresh water, lube oil and fuel oil utilizes a compact, light-weight design for narrow engine rooms. Designed for extreme robustness, first-rate reliability, quick start-up and load response, it is made to ensure safe maneuvering even in the harshest environment.