PA6 B Offshore GenSet left front

A Proven Success Story

The PA6 B is a highly reliable engine with a strong track record. Since the 1960s, the basic engine design has proven itself over uncountable running hours, as well as in starting and loading sequences. Through continuous improvement, the PA6 B still continues to set the benchmark in its markets. It is well known for various types of applications, such as diesel-electric propulsion for commercial and military vessels, as well as emergency gensets in nuclear power plants. More than 1,000 engines of the PA class are in service around the world.

In developing the new Offshore Genset (OG), the original PA6 B engine has been adapted to meet current market demands. The PA6 B is now IMO Tier II compliant and surpasses IMO Tier III regulations with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Another key development is the PA6 B now employs the latest engine-safety-and-control system, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s proven SaCoSone. The turbochargers on the PA6 B have been optimized to meet the load requirements and operational profile for Offshore Generator Sets on Semi-Submersible Drilling Rigs.