With its state-of-the-art common rail technology, the L32/44CR GenSet sets new standards for efficient power generation. Generally speaking, this GenSet offers unsurpassed operational efficiency and flexibility, high electrical power output, low fuel-oil consumption, reduced exhaust-gas emissions, and invisible smoke across the entire load range.

A clean, compact and powerful unit
The GenSet is designed as one unit, resiliently seated on a tailored base frame, complete with alternator and built-on auxiliary systems. The engine is vibration-analysed and balanced together with the rigidly seated alternator, which is driven via a highly flexible coupling.
By employing the latest technology, combined with electronically controlled common-rail injection, the L32/44CR sets new class benchmarks, such as:

  • high output, with a cylinder rating of 600 kW at 750 and 720 r/min
  • low specific fuel-oil and lube-oil consumption
  • user-friendly engine management via the SaCoSone  system
  • injection flexibility for heavy fuel oils up to 700 cSt
  • low NOx, CO2 and soot emissions
  • invisible smoke emissions for engine loads ≥10% load.