L32_40_GenSetThe L32/40 GenSet engine, with an output of 500 kW per cylinder, is the optimal combination of capital cost, performance and reliability.

The L32/40 range runs on inexpensive HFO from standby to full load. Twin camshafts provide unsurpassed flexibility, permitting a wide range of choices between optimal output/fuel ratio and minimized emissions. One camshaft drives the fuel injection pumps and operates the starting air pilot valves; the other operates the inlet and exhaust valves.

Supplied as an in-line engine with 6-9 cylinders, it is a perfectly balanced GenSet, designed to provide trouble-free operation for a quarter of a century or more aboard the largest vessels in the world fleet. MAN L32/40 units are employed in multiple applications with some of the world’s leading shipping lines.


L32/40 characteristics
L32/40 GenSets share a number of common traits:

  • exhaust valves with rotators clean the valve seats for long TBOs and lifetimes
  • highly efficient constant-pressure turbocharging
  • adjustable valve timing
  • split connecting rod for easy maintenance
  • stepped piston combined with a fire ring prevents bore polishing
  • separate jacket for each cylinder ensures optimal piston running conditions
  • no cooling water in the lower liner area and frame ensures an even temperature and eliminates the risk of cooling water contaminating the lube oil.