28_32H_GenSetThe classic L28/32H GenSet series has a long, proven record for reliability and durability. It comprises in-line engines from 5 to 9 cylinders, offering a power range from 1,050 to 1,980 kW. 
The sturdy engine structure and amply dimensioned running gear ensure a low level of mechanical stress. Moving parts are optimised for good running properties and low wear-rates, while the rigid engine structure gives a low deformation level.
The modular concept and dependable engine design, which has proven itself in many GenSet installations, offers the lowest routine maintenance schedule and up to 20,000 hours between overhauls when operated on HFO.


Economical HFO operation
L28/32H engines can operate on the same heavy fuel oil used by the ship’s main propulsion engine. Consumption of both fuel oil and lubricating oil is low. The total cost per kW produced is also very low when operating an L28/32H GenSet on HFO.