A ‘pipeless’ design philosophy with clean lines characterizes the latest generation of MAN generating sets. A prize-winning concept that has secured MAN Energy Solutions several awards, this philosophy is ultimately based on a proven, solid GenSet heritage. The MAN brand, has over the generations, maintained and developed its position as the leading, HFO-burning, marine GenSet design.

Economic advantages
MAN 21/31 units are characterized by reliable and HFO-based GenSet power, delivered at the lowest possible accumulated costs during the entire lifecycle. As such, the GenSet represents a safe investment.


Basic design
The engine is designed for lifelong operational reliability. The sturdy engine block, stiff crankshaft and robust connecting rods are just some of the standard design characteristics that ensure trouble-free operation and long and safe overhaul intervals.
The 21/31 GenSet is designed as a single unit, on a tailored and integrated base frame, complete with alternator and engine and with built-on auxiliary systems.
Its hydraulically-tightened tie rods are specifically positioned to maintain a static preloading of the engine block to absorb the dynamic loads generated by the impact from the combustion process and moving masses. The complete GenSet is resiliently seated, vibration-analysed and balanced, and enclosed with specially designed covers to transmit minimal structure-borne and air-borne noise to the ship and engine room. 
Like all MAN GenSets, the L21/31 is designed for reliability, availability and minimal downtime – it will be ready and running when you need it. The company’s dedicated strategy of continuous development and product refinement, which results from years of dedicated research, design innovations, performance follow-up and practical experience, means that you, with the MAN 21/31 GenSet as primary power source, are guaranteed peace of mind.