A proven foundation
MAN Energy Solutions GenSet’s innovations and technical developments are based on the company’s solid GenSet heritage. For generations, the MAN brand has maintained and developed its position as the leading HFO-run, marine GenSet design. As such, MAN's high-power 32-cm bore GenSets satisfy the massive electrical energy demands made by many of the world’s largest container vessels.

The 32/44K GenSet is characterised by:

  • a constant pressure turbocharger 
  • a robust engine design with cylinder heads that combine the low temperature on the combustion chamber side with high mechanical strength, thus permitting the high firing pressure required for optimal fuel consumption to be absorbed safely
  • elimination of bore polishing through liners equipped with separate, jet-bore-cooled fire rings that restrict coke deposits from contact with the cylinder wall
  • low lube-oil consumption
  • minimal maintenance with daily maintenance reduced to a minimum and the standard recommended interval between major overhauls at 12,000 hours for cylinder heads and 24,000 hours for piston rings.

The 32/44K is also the first GenSet that has been optimized for part-load operation through:

  • improved fuel-oil consumption at part load, compared to traditional GenSets, with 7 to 9 g/kWh in the 40-60% load range
  • engine rigidly mounted on common base frame with alternator
  • auxiliaries at front-end conventionally piped on base frame
  • base frame with integrated oil service tank
  • conventional injection system.