Combined emergency & harbor GenSet
Based on requests from many of our customers, we have developed a variant of our L16/24 marine GenSet (other engines are available on request) that complies with the classification requirements for engines functioning as both emergency and harbor GenSets.

Advantages for the customer

Emergency operating mode: 

  • one GenSet fulfilling two purposes with resultant purchasing and service/maintenance cost savings
  • both MDO and HFO possible in ‘harbor’ mode
  • fewer spare parts
  • no need for separate emergency GenSet.

Emergency_Harbour_GenSet A number of considerations must be made before selecting the right power rating. Critically, the start-load on the emergency switchboard must be known as this determines the GenSet size. Furthermore, the emergency GenSet must be able to take emergency switchboard load immediately within standard class requirements.
When the emergency power requirement is fulfilled, the harbor power requirement becomes the main factor. The full, standard GenSet rating can be utilised in harbour power mode.

Installation Type Angle of Inclanation
  Athwart ship Fore and Aft 
STD GenSet-STATIC 15.0° 5.0°
STD GenSet-DYNAMIC 22.5° 7.5°
 Ship safety equipment – STATIC 22.5° 10.0°
 Ship safety equipment – DYNAMIC 22.5° 10.0°
 Ships with liquefied gases and chemicals – STATIC 30.0° 10.0°

With only a few changes, compared with the standard, the L16/24  GenSet can function both as an emergency GenSet at sea and as a harbor GenSet in port. Thus, great savings are achieved compared with establishing and maintaining a separate emergency GenSet. Approved by the DNV/GL and BV classification societies, the MAN GenSet’s base frame allows a large inclination that, among other advantages, is a cost-effective solution that differs only in a minor fashion from standard and that has delivered a consistently good service experience.