Safe and economical transportation of high value goods, critical cargoes and refrigerated or frozen perishables requires efficient, highly reliable and available auxiliary power. MAN GenSets have for decades earned a reputation for reliably delivering power to the world fleet. 

The history of marine GenSets
MAN Energy Solutions has built auxiliary engines since 1929. First under the brand name “Holeby GenSets” and later under the “MAN GenSet” brand, and more than 20,000 GenSets, both from own production and from licensees, have been delivered over the years. 


In 1965 the world famous L23/30 engine was launched, and in 1972 the larger L28/32 was introduced. 
In the following period, up to the late 1990s, these engines were the benchmark for the whole industry as an example of reliability and user-friendliness. Today, our customers still choose this well-proven design, which has resulted in a production of more than 10,000 units, both from MAN and licensee production.

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