Long TBO - Low OpEx - Easy InstallationTierIITierIIISCR

The L27/38 engine is designed with a cylinder output of 340kW, but it can also be quoted with a higher cylinder output of 365 kW at 800 rpm. However, the   elevated load is only possible for operation with gas oil according to MAN   Diesel specification.

Combined with MAN Diesel & Turbo gearboxes (AMG28EV), CP propellers   and control systems, the L27/38 is a fully integrated propulsion package for ferries, Ro–Ro vessels, container feeder vessels, cargo ships, tugs, supply and fishing vessels requiring 2.040 – 3.285 kW.

Decisive parameters for a propulsion engine are the requirements for a compact engine design and long-term reliability in operation. However, other requirements as mentioned below, have been given high priority:

  • Long time between overhauls (TBO)
  • No unscheduled maintenance and repair work
  • Unrestricted heavy fuel oil operation
  • Low fuel and lube-oil consumption rates, fulfilling legal emission limit values
  • High maintenance and operaiton friendliness
  • Good partial load behavior
  • Easy installation, rigid or resilient seated