Tankers were first used by the oil industry to transfer refined fuel in bulk from refineries to customers but today are also used to transport a vast variety of products such as chemicals, fresh water, wine and molasses.

Modern tankers vary in size from smaller, local, coastal tankers to ULCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers), some of the largest vessels found sailing the oceans.

Many modern tankers are designed for a specific cargo and a specific route with draft typically limited by harbour depth and/or the depth of straits along the preferred shipping route. Gensets can play a vital role as cargoes with high vapor pressure at ambient temperatures may require pressurized tanks or vapour-recovery systems, while heaters may be required to maintain heavy crude oil, residual fuel, asphalt, wax, or molasses in a fluid state for offloading.

Tankers frequently sail in environmentally sensitive areas, hence emission requirements (NOx, SOx, particulate matter) are important factors when choosing a main driver.


MAN Energy Solutions offers highly reliable, robust and efficient two-stroke engines for all tanker sizes that meet strict safety requirements.

We have exhaust-gas-cleaning systems such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) for IMO Tier III-compliance (NOx) and scrubbers for SOx reduction while our dual-fuel, gas-burning engines comply with IMO Tier III emission regulations and their sulphur limits.

A wider range of services and automated systems has increased the demand for electricity on board ships. Our complete generating sets secure reliable and economical power generation and distribution. Modern auxiliary engines run on the same high-viscosity fuel grades as the main engines to maximize economy. Overall installation costs can be minimised by using compact modular fuel treatment systems, available in standard sizes.

We also offer a comprehensive, service network in the form of MAN PrimeServ. PrimeServ is a service organisation with a global reach and contactable 24/7 to maximize engine availability. As a part of its service offerings, PrimeServ offers optional online services for optimized maintenance planning.

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