Modern society’s demand for energy continues to grow with the steady rise of global living standards. In connection with this, global drilling operations are expanding. As the original hydrocarbon reservoirs typically discovered in shallower, more accessible waters experience a drop in production, modern drilling operations are beginning to move into deeper waters to find new sources of energy.

Offshore vessels require highly reliable and efficient propulsion systems that adapt easily to low-load operation. Station keeping, also known as dynamic positioning, is another key factor when operating in heavy seas around oil platforms and installations. Offshore vessels typically operate in environmentally sensitive areas, therefore emission requirements, such as NOx and particulate matter, are of the utmost importance. All current and future environment requirements can be met with our range of dual fuel engines or by installing one of our in-house developed after treatment systems such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to minimize NOx and scrubbers to reduce SOx.

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