The Navy & Coast Guard segment has grown in recent years in the face of national security concerns where nations are anxious to protect their maritime boundaries. At the same time, the growth of asymmetric threats, such as piracy, has increased the desire to provide security for world seaborne trade.

Requirements within this segment include highly reliable, efficient and proven propulsion systems with excellent load acceptance. While not a strict requirement, there is still a demand for limiting emissions as much as possible. Navies often make special demands on their propulsion systems, compared to civilian vessels, such as shock-proofing, noise cancellation and anti-magnetic propulsion systems.


MAN Energy Solutions offers a range of high-efficiency, reliable, robust engines that feature a high power density. We also offer a high degree of redundancy in our engine solutions, whether diesel-electric (CODAD and CODELAD) or mechanical propulsion plants, and cater for all forms of vessel such as frigates, and patrol and coastguard vessels.

Our exhaust-gas-cleaning systems such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) minimize NOx emissions and full Integrated Logistics Support as frequently requested by the world's navies. In terms of primary measures, our dual-fuel, gas-burning engines deliver ultra-clean emissions and meet all modern environmental legislation.

MAN Energy Solutions supplies complete generating sets to secure reliable and economical power generation and distribution. Modern auxiliary engines run on the same high-viscosity fuel grades as the main engines to maximize economy. Overall installation costs can be minimised by using compact modular fuel treatment systems, available in standard sizes.

We also offer a comprehensive, service network in the form of MAN PrimeServ. PrimeServ is a service organisation with a global reach and contactable 24/7 to maximize engine availability. As a part of its service offerings, PrimeServ offers optional online services for optimized maintenance planning.

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