Installation Drawings for L21/31

Updated: 2012-11-30

Select groups of drawings or single drawings to download.

Each of the selected drawings will be downloaded as a ZIP-file containing the drawing as a DXF-file, for use in a CAD system, and as a PDF-file, for viewing and plotting.



5L21/31 for 900 and 1000 RPM



General arrangement (2 pages)  

  4981 kb



6L21/31 for 900 and 1000 RPM



General arrangement (2 pages)  

  8724 kb



7L21/31 for 900 and 1000 RPM



General arrangement (2 pages)  

  8625 kb



8L21/31 for 900 & 1000 RPM



General arrangement (2 pages)  

  6892 kb



9L21/31 for 900 & 1000 RPM



General arrangement (2 pages)  

  7180 kb


Conditions for use

The Installation Drawings or 3D Models downloaded are for general guidance only and should not be used for detailed projects. No notification will be given when these drawings are modified - so check regularly for new or updated Installation Drawings at our web-site:

For any specific project, a set of Installation Drawings must be obtained from the actual Engine Builder, as there may be deviations from the general Installation Drawings or 3D Models offered here.

The normal 2D Installation Drawings are delivered both in PDF format, to provide a view or plot of the drawing, and in DXF format (with a few exceptions), for use in CAD-Systems.

For the 3D Models, if available, the associated Outline Drawing can optionally be downloaded in PDF format or in DXF format. The PDF-file should always be requested together with a 3D Model for verification.

Although MAN Energy Solutions endeavour to ensure that the Installation Drawings and 3D Models are correct, MAN Energy Solutions undertake no responsibility or liability for errors or deficiencies in the Installation Drawings or 3D Models or in the delivered files.

Any and all Installation Drawings and 3D Models are subject to copyright protection:

Copyright ©. 2020 MAN Energy Solutions

Reproduction or transmittal to third party is allowed with indication of source, as long as the associated PDF-files are delivered together with either the DXF-files of normal Installation Drawings or the 3D Models and the conditions indicated above are included.