Driven by the global growth in population and an increase in regional trade, the mobility of people – both domestically and internationally – has increased rapidly in recent decades.

Modern ferries place high demands for reliability and comfort on their main engines, while silent power generation onboard is also a crucial consideration when thinking gensets. As this vessel type frequently sails in coastal waters, environmental sensitivity is a key issue and minimizing NOx, SOx and particulate matter levels to meet stringent emission limits is a key requirement.

At the same time ferry operators seek to keep operating costs on a low level to ensure their ability to compete, also against other means of transportation.


MAN Energy Solutions offers a wide range of highly efficient and reliable common-rail engines for powering ferries. Common-rail technology allows the independent setting of injection timing, duration and pressure for each cylinder. This flexibility promotes the highest possible degree of freedom of optimisation in fuel consumption, NOx and smoke emissions along the engine’s operating profile, especially at part-load. Both large RoPax ferries sailing in international waters or smaller ferries operating on a local route benefit from this technology.

Our four-stroke engines are also available as dual-fuel engines capable of running on gas, as well as on fuel oils, to ensure compliance with existing and upcoming regulations on permissible NOx and sulphur emissions. To our customers this solution adds the benefit of fuel flexibility. For engines running on HFO, we offer exhaust-gas-cleaning systems such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) to minimize NOx and scrubbers to reduce SOx.

MAN Energy Solutions also supplies complete generating sets to secure reliable and economical power generation and distribution. Modern auxiliary engines run on the same high-viscosity fuel grades as the main engines to maximize economy. Overall installation costs can be minimised by using compact modular fuel treatment systems, available in standard sizes.

Generally speaking, we offer a high degree of redundancy in our engine solutions, whether diesel-electric or mechanical propulsion plants. Customers can also choose to maximize engine availability through one of our optimized maintenance planning programs.

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